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"Out To Get Me" written by Jeffrey A. Cooper is a noir style thriller set in Los Angeles during the height of the pandemic. When I did my intial pre-read of this book I was on the edge of my seat and gasped at some of the twists. Jeff is a talented wordsmith and paints the landscape of this story in beautiful and unsettling prose. Almost everyone in the story is a "criminal" with complicated motivations and shifting loyalties, yet you will still root for the main character and feel invested in the story to the very end.

Publisher's Summary:

"In this exciting, hardboiled, action-packed crime thriller, Toni has five million dollars stashed in the back of her car that she needs to save her kidnapped husband Sam’s life. The money is the payoff from Sam and his partner’s brazen robbery of an underworld courier early this morning.

She's being chased through the dark, deserted streets of modern-day Los Angeles by the tenacious, unstoppable courier; a desperate, violent killer who is willing to go to any extreme to get the money back and take their revenge on the robbers.

Everyone wants this money, including Sam’s partners in the heist and the dangerous man whose money was stolen, a connected underworld figure with a talent for making people disappear.

An unexpected ally reenters Toni's world to help pull off Toni's dangerous, risky plan to get her life back and avenge a terrible wrong, leading to an explosive finale that will change the trajectory of all of their lives.

Out to Get Me is a fast-paced, suspense-filled heist noir about the consequences of greed and betrayal and is filled with unexpected twists and turns. This is the first novel in the Dark Crime series."


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