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January releases

Started 2024 off with releases in some of my favorite genres: Thriller/Comedy, Horror, and Fantasy! These books are written by authors I've had the pleasure of working with many times and I feel so lucky to be able to tell their stories. Check them out:

"The Rule of Three" by Jen Becker marks the conclusion to the Ruler's Trilogy series. It was emotional for me to say goodbye to these characters and this fantastical world Jen created. With an elaborate magic system, different species and races of beings, different languages, and creatures it was one of the most fun projects I've been able to work on. This series had over 160 different characters and I'm so grateful to the elaborate notes that Jen provided me with so we could collab and make this story come to life in the way that it did. Thank you Jen!

"Eldritch Beasts: The Last Witch Hunter" by Primary Hollow is book 3 in the Eldritch Beast series and each book keeps getting better and better. The first two set the scene gradually with a beautiful, haunting, and grotesque picture of a cursed world and the woman determined to save it. In this book we begin to learn a little more about the curse, the FMC's newly discovered powers, and the prophesied part she plays in the unfolding events. This haunting world and how Keri is connected to it is a mystery that has kept me completely on the edge of my seat.

"The Fruitcake" by Leah Orr reads like a cozy mystery with elements of a dark thriller. Narrated in dual POV with Danny Montooth, the story bounces back and forth between an unknown man being held captive in a basement and a boisterous group of female friends living in a ritzy cul de sac who are convinced the sinister events occuring in their neighborhood are the result of a haunted fruitcake.


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