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Most popular Horror audiobook on netgalley

As we head into the new year, end of year recaps and "best of 2023" lists have begun circulating. We Are Bookish recently published their "most popular" list for the year and I was honored to see that "Who Haunts You" was mentioned as Netgalley's most popular Horror audiobook, shining a light on indie horror.

This was Mark and I's second collaboration and, as a fan of his writing, when he reached out about a YA horror he was working on I knew it was going to be something special. Once I read the manuscript it hit me just how unique this story was and how important it would be to do it right. There were aspects of the audio that took a lot of brainstorming, and as an actor, finding the nuance and playing with these elements was a thrill.

For example, there's no playbook on how to voice a ghost that yells at you inside your head so I spent a lot of time trying different voices and postures before one interpretation felt like it clicked. One reviewer said it sounded like I "had fun" with the audiobook and, boy did I! The ghost's voice happens to be one aspect of the audiobook that people mention the most, so I'm glad it has had the impact it did.

 Kirkus review calls this book "an utterly readable teen murder tale with an intriguing twist and an endearing hero" and I think these reviews perfectly capture Mark's skillful storytelling;

From NetGalley:

"In this audio, production is key. It's not over produced. There isn't a soundtrack, no clinking dishes or murmuring of crowds. In fact, the narration is quite understated and even toned. That makes the harsh whisper of the ghost even more startling when it comes, especially when you're wearing earbuds. It's disconcertingly intimate."
(Martha D. NetGalley)

"..Wheaton's storytelling prowess shines as he skillfully builds tension and intrigue, drawing readers deeper into a world where the line between the living and the dead blurs. "Who Haunts You" is a captivating and atmospheric tale that skillfully explores themes of fear, family secrets, and the chilling unknown, leaving readers captivated until the very end. With its gripping plot and haunting twists, this novel is a must-read for fans of YA mysteries and supernatural thrillers." -Tammy H. Librarian (NetGalley)
"This novel's brilliance lies in its ability to tap into a primal fear: being unheard and disbelieved. It lures us in with the familiar, then plunges us into the unknown, forcing us to confront our own vulnerabilities. " (Pamela K. Netgalley)

You can learn a little more about my process here and read what folks are saying on NetGalley here.


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