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cozy Sci-Fi coming soon!

As an antidote to the collective existential dread we face, the genre "cozy sci-fi" offers a beacon of hope and a reminder to find joy in simple pleasures. It inspires wonder and can provide a much needed escape into prospering communities that may be lightyears away.

Kevin Hearne packs so much into his latest novella, "The Hermit Next Door". It reads like a cozy sci-fi but, at the same time, there are a sundry of twists and turns that subvert genre making this a truly one-of-a-kind story.

Told in first person, the poignant and often humorous reflections of the main character (who's grieving a heavy loss) offer a kindred relatability that immediately ground the reader in the story. So when things begin to happen that are "out of this world" you can still see yourself reflected in the action and may even wonder "what would I do in this situation?" .

I was incredibly lucky to narrate "The Hermit Next Door" and am excited for folks to read it! Reading it was surprisingly emotional and uplifting and, when I wrapped production, I remember saying to my husband "I wish this was a show I could perform 8 times a week." That's when you know you love the work you do.

Thank you Kevin!


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