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Eldritch Beasts series conclusion

The final two books in the Eldritch Beasts horror fantasy series written by Primary Hollow are officially out on audible! One of my favorite things about working on this series with Primary was the collaboration that went into finding the right voices for each of the characters. Primary had a clear vision and some really cool references for us to work with when we first started putting everything together and finding the right placement and attitude for each of the characters was important to both of us!

There were around 65 unique characters in this series and Primary provided me with a detailed breakdown of which characters appeared in which books so we knew at the start who was going to be appearing together and who would be substantial enough to need to be sustainable vocally.

It was such a thrill to work on this series and I'm so proud of the work we put into it! Check out the synopsis of the last two books below and give them a listen.

Eldritch Beasts: The Howling Mountain

The beast is coming.

Keri travels across the Dilos sea to the continent of Orox in search of Fenrir, the third beast prophesied to bring the end of the world.

Meanwhile, the locals of the impoverished village of Lerwick struggle to prepare for the upcoming winter, unsuspecting of the grave horror looming in the mountains beside them.

Will Keri slay the last Ancient, preventing the hour of reckoning? Or will the final guardian of the world fall, and the howling of the beast spell doom to the entire human race?

widely available on all major retail platforms

Eldritch Beasts: The Screaming Chaos

The void weeps.

The crimson moon is shining in the sky, and demons are pouring through the dimensional seams, broken by the infernal corruption.

Meanwhile, the ghastly bellows are coming from the sea as the beast rises, threatening to devour the entire world.

Will Keri, severely maimed in her fight against Fenrir, recover and rise for the final confrontation? Will humanity come together in the last stand against the unknown? Or will the prophecy be fulfilled, and everything will perish in the insatiable Maw of the Hollow?

widely available on all major retail platforms



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