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New Eldritch Horror series out on audio!

"Eldritch Beasts" written by Primary Hollow, is Lovecraftian horror series with cosmic worldbuilding, dark fantasy elements, and terrifying monsters. It follows Keri, a policewoman with a no-nonsense attitude and steely set of nerves as she works to understand and hold back a spreading darkness that is swallowing entire towns. It's a fast paced, page-turner with dynamic characters and emotional and poignant scenes.

Working with Primary on the audiobooks has been an incredible collaboration. Some of the early references they gave me for inspiration included Guts from "Beserk", King Theoden from "Lord of the Rings", the original "Evil Dead" movie, and Lilith from the video game Diablo. They also sent me playlists to some of the music they like to write to and I listened to this one while I prepped the manuscript and it absolutely helped to set the tone.

The first two audiobooks are available everywhere audiobooks are sold and the third is in production to be released in January 2024. I am so grateful to be part of this series and excited for you all to hear the story continue to unfold!

Book 1:

Book 2:


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