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The "Temperance Rides" audiobook is out!

The third novella in the Virtuous Sin series is now available to listen to on audible, amazon and itunes!


When an old friend asks for help trying to solve a serial killer case that has baffled the FBI for a while, the suspect they propose is the exact opposite of what the profile says they will be looking for. Ray, who normally doesn't have much to add, cracks this case wide open, of a man whose humility, the modest external situation will reveal him to be anything but when the women are done with him. Like Nathaniel, though, this slippery eel is killing a path to their front door, and he is pretty good at covering his tracks, but when one one knife toting baddie has your number - you aren't long for the freedom of the open road. In exchange for their help, a gift will be granted that might bring them a few steps closer to Nathaniel and putting him away for good.


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