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"Lust Dies" is now out on audible!

Book 8 in the Virtuous Sin series written by Angelica Kate and narrated by Annalee Scott is now out on audible!

Publisher's Summary:

"On the tail of finding out Alaric, Levi, and Nate’s secret, the women of Virtuous Sin are spiraling. Finding that everything they thought about reality was a façade in a bigger game of cat and mouse than anyone ever knew could be the end of the road for these three; at the very least, the men they had trusted are on the outs with them for certain.

As they find a way back in, a new evil lurks. Being called from the darkness, he seeks to claim a secret that will change all dynamics of this war for good. Both sides will make a chess move, but will the government that tried to cover this conspiracy win, or will the women be a step ahead of those that thought they could hold them in check?"


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