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I've joined the the legion!

My pseudonym and I are charmed to announce that we've been accepted to the Audiobook Empire's talent legion! Thank you Jess and the rest of the Empire for bringing me on board for this new adventure! Can’t wait to work together!

You can find me and the other amazing female narrators on the Legion's talent roster HERE.

Listen to my current samples HERE

Audiobook Empire is an audiobook production company and audiobook distributor that works with independent and self published authors to bring their work to audio across a wide distribution with dozens of retailers. They cover all aspects of production including casting, narration, editing, mastering, and even marketing! They work with all genres but some of their most popular titles fall under the canopies of fantasy, scifi, and romance.

If you're an author looking for a full service audiobook production company you can learn more about the production process HERE.


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