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Flock Conference

I attended my first virtual conference for audiobook narrators last week hosted by Pink Flamingo Productions and walked away with a new community of work friends and so much insight. There were panels on developing characters, communication, duet narration, work in the public domain, the rise of AI, finance, and personal and professional development. I spend so much time working alone in my booth it was a real treat to be able to connect with other narrators and I felt inspired by the folks I met.

Some of the biggest takeaways for me were in the personal and professional development presentation lead by Kelsey Navarro who introduced ways to strengthen the goals you set and the plans you build to achieve them. A couple of ideas that really stuck with me were the fact that any progress is progress and the daily habits we create for ourselves are powerful. That the person we are today is thanks to the hard work we put in 6-12 months ago and we need to be specific in how we envision the person we want to become. Another big one was finding balance and making sure all the areas of your life (family, friends, work, health, etc.) receive the attention they deserve because if one part of your life is out of balance it can affect all the others, including your professional life.

I'm looking forward to following the narration journey of all the people I met and attending more conferences in the future!

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