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"Double Door" rehearsals underway

Rehearsals are underway for Theatre40's production of "Double Door", by Elizabeth McFadden. The show will run 9/25/2015-10/20/2015 Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat at 8:00 and Sun matinees at 2:00.

The show takes place in 1910 in old Victorian style home on 5th avenue in New York City. Based on a true story, the show centers around the marriage of Anne Darrow, a working class nurse (Annalee Scott) and Rip Van Brett , a wealthy upperclass socialite (Ben Theobald). Things take a turn for the worse when dissapproving, tyranical, older sister Victoria Van Brett (Rhonda Lord) sets out to ruin their marriage, driving herself and the rest of her household into a manical dissaray.

The play runs just under 2 hours with one 15 minute intermission. Ticket information below:

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