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Thriller studio with hillary huber

This week marked my last class in an open studio on Thrillers with Hillary Huber presented by Narrator.Life. Not only did we get one on one instruction but we also got to watch each other perform and receive feedback over the course of four weeks.

One thing that came up quite often was building tension and suspense through earned pauses and a quiet curiosity with the text. For me personally, having acting experience can be an asset when it comes to narrating audiobooks but it can also be a trap that I have to watch out for. Leaving room for the reader to experience the book requires a less is more approach.

There were so many valuable lessons wrapped up in this class because Hillary took great care to make sure each person received unique instruction based on their individual needs. I imagine each time she teaches this class it looks a little different.

As a bonus, I happened to be working on a romance audiobook and horror audiobook and, let me tell you, suspense is not exclusive to the thriller genre! Being able to apply what I was learning in a practical setting allowed me to cement that knowledge and explore it further in between classes.

I would love to work with Hillary again and recommend her class to anyone who is looking for a warm, educational, and fun environment that gives you intelligent and tactical advice that will yield almost immediate results to improve your narration!

Grateful to be able to add more skills to my toolkit as a narrator and grow my abilities behind the mic!


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