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The Well Spring by Jen Becker (high fantasy)

Fantasy is one of my favorite genres, it's the reason I got into reading as a kid and what always catches my eye when I walk through a book shop. I've read the Hobbit multiple times, and am currently working through the Lord of the Rings trilogy with my husband and a group of friends like a mini Tolkien book club, if you will.

So, when Jen Becker handed me the audio reins to her high fantasy series "The Rulers Trilogy", I jumped at the opportunity. Little did I know, Jen and I had another common love besides fantasy: SPREADSHEETS. When Jen sent me a spreadsheet of all 160+ characters with their magical class, guild, home city, and a MAP... I wanted to squeal with joy. And yes, you heard that right, there are over 160 characters in this series (some of whom are not human) and I'm having a BALL creating voices for them like any true nerd would.

The first book "The Well Spring" is now available in audio format (on audible, amazon, and itunes) and I'm proud of the work that went into it. But in all honesty, this project didn't feel like work it felt like play and I can't wait to record the next two books in the series.

Listen to a sample or purchase the "The Well Spring" on audio HERE

THE WELL SPRING Publisher's summary:

None of the Arcane Masters were surprised that Gwen’s rise through the guild was meteoric, considering the skill she showed in healing the wounded younger prince. But they hadn’t counted on her extra senses and her strange ability to join her power to another Arcane’s, bolstering their power while learning their talents.

When experiments with her unique gift begin to unravel the mystery of the long-missing elder prince Tyserrius, she must leave the comfort of the Arcane Academy and search. Only with her help can Gwen and her friends discover Tyserrius’s fate. But the dark enemy who abducted the prince is waiting for her, and she must face him to come to terms with her obscure heritage and the strange powers they bestowed.


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