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"The soulmate call" audiobook is out!

"The Soulmate Call" audiobook written by Tiffany Ann Parker and narrated by Annalee Scott is now available to order on Audible, Amazon, and Itunes! Cozy up with this sweet romance that redefines the power of fated love.


During the Salem Witch Trials over four hundred years ago, Ezekiel and Jeremiah Turner stumbled upon the knowledge needed to tap into unused parts of the human brain. What they discovered was the ability to telepathically call the soul of their destined soulmate, the one created for them.

Their family secret has been passed down from generation to generation. Jeffrey Turner, aka Rey, a direct descendant of Ezekiel Turner, found his soulmate only to push her away. At 19, a player, and not ready for his destined happily ever after, he threw away the best thing that ever happened to him, or so he thought.


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