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"The pact" is out on audible! Listen to a preview here

"The Pact" written by Chad Stewart and narrated by Annalee Scott is officially out on audible amazon and itunes! Fans of supernatural horror will love this chilling tale that takes you to a remote village in the french alps. It was a lot of fun to capture all the different characters on the mic and I won't lie I got a little freaked out in the booth recording this one! It was a blast.

Publisher's summary:

A young man goes missing in in the French Alps. And a Private Investigator will stop at nothing to find him.

Jeremy Jackson's dissappearance prompts his parents to hire Hazely Silverston. Hazely, for her own personal reasons, reluctantly takes the job and follows the clues to a remote area. She has no way of knowing that this investigation will change everything she thought she knew about the world. The appaling truth will lead her straight into an ancient curse, an evil being, and a fight for her life.

The more Hazely learns, the more she begins to realize she’s in over her head.

Some secrets are better left buried. Some secrets are worth killing for. And sometimes, the answers only bring more questions. Hazely must face the very real possibility that she won’t survive. One thing’s for sure: she should have trusted her gut and stayed far, far away from this case.

Listen to a preview of Chapter 1 here:

Available on audible, amazon, and itunes!


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