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Rehearsals underway for "winterfest OC"

Just had my first choreography rehearsal for "Winterfest OC". Winterfest is Southern California's largest winter festival with carnival rides, food and alcohol venders, ice skating, sledding, and immersive performances. This year I'll be one of the "north pole dancers" performing as one of Santa's elves with the man himself. It's an interactive performance so there will be lots of opportunities to play and interact with kids who come to see the show.

Generally, the winter holidays are a rough time for me emotionally due to living so far away from family and it it also coincides with the birthday of my father who passed away. Being able to perform during this time of year and interact with kids allows me to experience the wonder and amazement through their eyes and also allows me to focus on something that I love doing: perforing!

Can't wait to share a picture of my costume and will be sure to post another update when the show opens. If you live close to Orange County and would like to attend the festival you can purchase tickets here:

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