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Recharge & Play

Work/life balance can be difficult to find when you're self employed because it's hard to "clock out" when you work from home and when it feels like there is a never ending list of things you could be doing to further your career.

But I know that a balanced heart and mind will allow me to be more engaged behind the mic and there are other activities I enjoy that can still inform my work as a narrator in interesting ways. I'm finding that the best way to recharge my battery is to schedule specific days each month to intentionally unplug.

This past weekend we took a family trip to Lake Arrowhead and, in addition to relaxing and getting some much needed time in nature, there was one activity in particular that really filled up my cup and inspired me to get back into the booth: imaginative play with my niece and nephew.

This is probably my favorite way to "practice" voice acting. It's the perfect opportunity to be silly and over the top with characters in order to expand the imagination and play with vocalizations. It's also extremely validating to have an audience that laughs at everything you do so if you ever feel that seed of self doubt or that imposter syndrome creeping in... find some kiddos to play with and just have fun!


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