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"Positive Discipline for Kids" audiobook is now available on audible!

"Positive Discipline for Kids" written by Joanna Wells and narrated by Annalee Scott is now out on Audible! This book is packed with wisdom and delivered in a straightforward conversational tone. Now with 25 five star reviews!

SYNOPSIS: This book will teach you how to build a strong, trust-based bond with your child, and how to instill responsibility and accountability by using effective communication and teaching about the consequences of your child’s actions.This book will show you how to teach your child valuable life skills that will help them become strong, passionate, competent, and confident. In this book, you will learn how to instill discipline in ways that teach your child how to cope with sadness, unpleasantness, and limitations. That way, they won't cave in the face of challenges and failures in life. Instead, they will use their own strengths, learn from their mistakes, and show responsibility and accountability for better health, stronger and healthier relationships, and greater career success! This won't be yet another easy listen with superficial advice you won't be able to apply. This book is down-to-earth and based on parenting strategies that are proven to work.


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