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Patience wins in the end

Working from home requires innovative thinking. When I first set up my DIY recording booth it had limitations I couldn't overcome. A year and a half later, after many failed attempts, consultations with engineers, and more than a few tears, I finally got my equipment set up to work more efficiently. Getting to this point served as a reminder that nothing is impossible if you are patient. Sometimes you just have to step away so you can come back to it with fresh eyes.

I'd recorded 24 books to a standalone recording device, painstakingly importing every track from an SD card into my DAW and editing out every mistake. I always knew I wanted to set up a monitor and keyboard and learn punch and roll recording, but the additional equipment caused too many reflections in my small space.

I was ready to give up until two wonderful engineers encouraged me to give it one more shot. That's when the magic happened. Turns out, I just needed a better angle (literally). As of writing this I've recorded two audiobooks using punch and roll and can't believe how much time it's saved me!

If you have a problem that's nagging you, take a breath and walk away. We grow and change every day, the person that comes back to tackle it tomorrow will be older and wiser!


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