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"Palace Fae" Audiobook

The sequel to "Prison Fae" in the Supernatural Penitentiary series is now available on audible! Written by Drake Mason and Marisa Mills and narrated by Annalee Scott.


Abucted by Fae. Forced to marry.

I escaped fairy prison only to have my best friend snatched up by my brutal captors. Somehow I survived, with new allies and new abilities. But the Fae won't let me go so easily. For my friends to be safe, I'm forced to marry into one of the royal Fae families, each with their own kind of magic, eccentricity, and violence.

As I try to learn who to trust, I'm courted by noble princes and threatened by invisible enemies. But even the royals have their secrets, and they will kill to protect them. Can I make an alliance before I become a target?


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