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New Release : "The She Shed" is out on audible!

"The She Shed" is a cozy mystery with colorful characters, delightful friendships, and a she shed that that holds secrets dating back decades. Perfect for readers looking for a lighthearted page turner with mystery at its core.

This is my second collaboration with Leah Orr and I absolutely love bringing her characters to life. They're dripping with charm and charisma and always seem to deliver relatable wise truths. Recording this one was so fun and after having recently wrapped up a string of pretty heavy books on my personal TBR it was so lovely to hop into the booth and dive into The She Shed.

If you're in your "serotonin era" and looking for a new book to boost your mood this is for you! It was so fun to

Publisher's Summary:

Jensen Beach, Florida, is a quaint coastal town once revered as the “land that time forgot”. The place where big city dwellers come for vacation. It was once known for its beautiful sandy beaches, breezy ocean air, pleasant year-round weather, frilly cocktails, hometown boutique shops and restaurants, and ocean activities. The town is also home to some unsavory characters and its many hidden skeletons—literally.When Aunt Adeline goes missing, it is up to her niece, Charlotte, to uncover the clues of her deeply hidden family secrets and the town she calls home. Enjoy the dual narrative from both Aunt Adeline’s and Charlotte’s point of view. Discover secrets The She Shed holds, the importance of friendship, and the true meaning of family.


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