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"Miles from Manistique" Audiobook

"Miles from Manistique", written by Jen Haeger is now available as an audiobook narrated by Annalee Scott. Check it out on audible or itunes, wherever you get your audiobooks.

Synopsis: "Isolated, snowed in, no electricity, no cell phone reception; if it weren’t for the two beautiful women, Peter would be worried.College sophomore, Peter, thinks he has his life well in hand, until an accident lands him and his best friend, Jeremy, in a remote cabin in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The situation seems too good to be true when the occupants of the cabin turn out to be two beautiful cousins, Jill and Genevieve.But things aren't always as they seem, and Peter begins to suspect that the girls are hiding something. Secrets lie behind Genevieve's eyes, in her diary, and in a trunk in the attic.Peter wants to help if the women are in some kind of trouble. But he wonders just how far the girls are willing to go to keep their secrets."


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