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"Love And The Planet Of Two Suns" Audiobook

"Love And The Planet Of Two Suns", written by Hannah Parker, is now available as an audiobook on audible and itunes!


"Alone and stranded in an unfamiliar world after a horrific crash decimates the S.S Universe, Sarai soon finds herself held captive of a strange alien race.

With no way out and no means of communication with anyone on Earth, she’s in a fight for her life against an unsympathetic general and his underlings. As the aliens impatiently wait for her to meet their demands, she remains under the watchful eye of a handsome and kind alien guard, who risks it all to offer her some tenderness.

The more time they spend together, with clandestine adventures and secret late-night conversations, the deeper their bond grows. Soon, they’re undeniably smitten and in grave danger if their budding relationship is exposed.

Will their unlikely relationship lead to their collective demise, or will it provide the cover Sarai needs to escape certain death?"


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