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LaryngEal massage for vocal health

I've started building laryngeal massage into my warm up and cool down and have noticed a huge difference in my vocal health. I hold a lot of tension in my neck and have been looking for ways to relax those small muscles to reduce strain.

Not only is laryngeal massage reducing the tension in my neck, but it's also making me more aware of my larynx placement while speaking. If I start to feel any sort of strain or tightness in my voice, chances are my larynx has lifted too much and the small muscles in my neck are starting to tighten.

In addition to learning self massage techniques with my fingers I've also become aware of a very popular tool that narrators swear by on tiktok to break up tension in those small neck muscles: a hand held "personal" massager ... that's right, a vibrator! I have to say that I personally prefer using my fingers because I can dig in with more precision but, honestly, having more than one tool in your arsenal is not a bad thing.

Here's a helpful video on laryngeal massage if you're curious:


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