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"Greed Folds" audiobook out!

Book 6 in the "Virtuous Sin" series, written by Angelica Kate and narrated by Annalee Scott, is out on audible and amazon!

Synopsis: As they start to unravel the secrets of Nathaniel’s origins - based on Ryder’s information - a new mystery south of the border ensues.

Jax’s sister, Justeen, is on a mission to save other girls in a bad spot like she once was, but she might have bitten off more than she can chew with this latest rescue endeavor. When she stands between a baddie and millions of dollars, something is sure to give. Can the women outrun the publicity-hungry press, clamoring for them to pull off a covert operation that has a lot of lives hanging in the balance? Or, are their actions about to catch up with them in a showdown for the ages?


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