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"Dating for women" audiobook is out!

"Dating for Women: Modern Woman Dating Guide (Modern Dating Series" written by Joanna Wells and narrated by Annalee Scott is now available on audible, amazon, and iTunes! Joanna packs this book with so much wisdom but one of the most important take aways is to love yourself before you can love someone else.


It’s time to get in charge of your dating life. You should know what you want, you should know how to assert yourself and how to make the most of the dating game.

Most women experience insecurities and these can have a profound impact on romantic encounters. The media, magazines, and even influencers work full-time to instill such insecurities and commercialize just about every aspect of a woman’s life.

This is one of the reasons why 82 percent of married women question the love of their partner! That’s a massive number showing an insecurity pandemic...a pandemic that needs to end right now.

Dating should be fun, thrilling, and joyous. You should be excited about the chance to meet someone new, instead of dreading all the ways you could screw things up.

How can you build that confidence to have a ton of fun on dates and be your unapologetic self?

The secret to successful dating will surprise you, because it’s that simple!


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