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"Chastity Fails" Audiobook

Book 7 in the "Virtuous Sin" series written by Angelica Kate is now out on Audible!

Synopsis: "With Levi’s life in the balance, Atara will stop at nothing to hunt down those who are holding him.

Still not certain if this is tied to Nathaniel and the continuing mystery of the homegrown terrorist cell they are hunting or some other sinister evil, it will take all the sisters to get to Levi in time.

Unfortunately, the group holding him has lived in the shadows for years and boasts some of the world’s most powerful men as clients for the pure women they offer to the highest bidder. They are led by a smart, maniacal man who has everything riding on staying under the radar and offering the women a swap for their silence.

At the moment, that everything looks to finally be working toward a positive outcome for Levi and the women. Don’t blink - because nothing is as it seems in the underbelly of this city.


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