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Welcome to my bookshelf!

TLDR: September '22 BOOK RECS (video below)

"When Women Were Dragons" by Kelly Barnhill (LINK to Goodreads)

hundreds of thousands of women spontaneously turn into dragons in the 1950's

"Pet" by Akwaeke Emezi (LINK to Goodreads)

a black transgender girl befriends a creature that hunts monsters

"Electric Idol" by Katee Robert (LINK to Goodreads)

forced marriage enemies to lovers + modern retelling of Psycho and Eros

"Wicked Beauty" by Katee Robert (LINK to Goodreads)

a dangerous contest leads to an unexpected menage a trois + modern retelling of Helen of Troy, Achilles and Patroclus

"A History of Wild Places" by Shea Earnshaw (LINK to Goodreads)

a missing persons case turns into a twisted tale about the power of the mind

"Harrow the Ninth" by Tamsyn Muir (LINK to Goodreads)

lesbian necromancers in space part 2

When I'm not behind the mic reading audiobooks I'm still reading! I'm always reading 3-5 books at once so I can have something available in every format because being able to pull out a book is so much more fulfilling than aimlessly scrolling on my phone. Waiting for a doctor's appointment to start? Read an e-book on your phone! Been putting off cleaning your apartment? Grab those headphones and roll up your sleeves with an audiobook! Trying to unplug from electronics and escape from the horrors of the 21st century? That paperback on your night stand is waiting to sweep you off your feet! While nothing beats the smell and feel of a paper book or the ability to look at your favorite stories on display, imagine telling someone who lived 100 years ago that they would be able to fit an entire library in their pocket. Digital books are pretty incredible in their own right.

If you're like me, always searching for your next fix, you might like to subscribe to my quarterly newsletter for a list of book recs and my latest audiobook releases or check back here from time to time to see if I've posted anything new!

Books are a way for me to connect further with myself and other people and have become a total lifeline for me especially during the pandemic. In fact, I love talking about books so much, I helped form a book club called "The Book Coven" and we are about to celebrate our 4 year anniversary together. (You know it's serious when you start buying anniversary gifts- yes, we're that obsessed with each other.) Our conversations are are so deeply introspective, interesting, strange, and funny, and we broach wild topics that ordinarily wouldn't come up in a "normal" conversation with your friends. Imagine meeting for coffee to chat about whether you would help your serial killer sister cover up her crimes! (If you haven't you should read "My Sister the Serial Killer" by Oyinkan Braithwaite, )If you have a curious mind and you like to have unique conversations with people I definitely recommend joining a book club!

Here are my September '22 Book recs:


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