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audiobooks have helped me grow as an actor

Tonight I will be on set filming a feature and its the first film I've done since before the pandemic. At first I was nervous that I would be rusty and not be able to connect to the text the way I used to, and truth be told I still have butterflies, but what's made this experience feel different is that I'm coming at it with new skills and experiences I've gained as a narrator.

The analysis we do for narration is is one of my favorite parts of being an audiobook narrator. You gain an intimate understanding of the entire text from every angle. It's like being the conductor of a symphony orchestra. As an actor you might read the script from your character's perspective and get really good at playing your part, like a violinist who rigorously rehearses their solo. A conductor, like a narrator, has to have a handle on the entire composition.

Doing my script analysis this time, I had an omniscient awareness I didn't use to have which helped me dig deeper into the world of the story and carve out stronger choices for my character. I'm excited to get the text up on its feet and will post an update when the filming is complete!


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