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"The Manor" 2019 FIRST REVIEW

"The Manor" A Mesmerizing Murder Play at Greystone Mansion, by Imaan Jalali with


Eric Kietel, Annalee Scott, and Darby Hinton L ro R

“The Manor” wouldn’t feel as palpable as it does if not for the seamless performances of its cast members. They don’t miss a single step in drawing in the eyes of their visitors, who become absorbed by the unfolding of this devastating tale."

"Annalee Scott expertly captures the naiveté of Abby, who, despite her innocent and loyal intentions, is weighed down by an inescapable dilemma."

"The scent of mahogany, the endless space, the top-of-the-world views, and the sheer commitment by the theatrical players involved lend themselves to an exhilarating and unique experience."

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