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The Examiner gives "Flare Path" a rave review

After a successful opening weekend, the reviews of Rattigan's "Flare Path" at Theatre 40 are starting to roll in. Audrey Linden of "The Examiner" states "I could not single out any one performer from the ensemble of ten actors. Each did such an excellent job in their portrayal in this war-time drama about relationships. Each was an important puzzle piece that added to the whole. And Gray’s direction held the pieces together in a taut manner with a fine balance of humor, intensity, and intimacy...“Flare Path” is quite a remarkable play. It is a “must-see” in my book. I was captivated." and goes on to give the production a 5 star rating.

On Annalee's performance as Maudie:

"Annalee’s quiet spoke volumes as did her penetrating looks. So much was said by her character in the silence. She was compelling."

Read the full review here:

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