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Carmilla Opens at ZJU!

Carmilla opens tonight at Zombie Joe's Underground in North Hollywood at 11:00pm. Carmilla divulges into a forbidden world of Lesbian love, dark Vampire magic, and the opressive Nazi Regime weaved into this re-imagined story set during World War II. The writer, David MacDowell Blue, adapted the novella written in 1872 by Joseph Sheradon Le Fanu (which pre-dates Dracula) into a beautifully tragic story to be performed in the black box theater at Zombie Joe's Underground.

Annalee plays Ingrid Vordenberg, the once noble radio announcer who gets wrapped up in her job making local announcements for the Nazi Party, enjoying the attention she recieves from the S.S. Officers a little too much. Once the war is over she is forced to face the choices she made and lives with the fear of being reprimanded by the occupying British Army for her involvement during such a dark time. A little selfish and shallow, Ingrid can also be manipulative of the people around her and as the last surviving member of her noble family, appears to be obsessed with maintaining the status they onced carried. What lengths will she go to in order to get what she wants?

Tickets are available for purchase here:

The show runs Fridays and Saturday Nights at 11:00pm February 21st through March 15th.

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