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Alexander Yan's short film "Elko" starring Annalee Scott and Michael Desjardin

After much anticipation and in honor of Valentine's day, director Alexander Yan has released his short film "Elko" starring Annalee Scott and Michael Desjardin.

Shot on location in Elko, Nevada the story follows "an internet-obsessed boy in rural Nevada who exploits a disturbed young woman’s online request to be murdered. After posting this request on an internet message board, a depressed young woman finds her prospective mercy killer in the form of an enigmatic teenage boy from Elko, Nevada. Chronicling the bizarre rituals that lead to the ultimate homicide, Elko presents a voyeuristic glimpse into the emotional disconnect and casual cruelty of the internet generation." (Dir. A. Yan)

Watch "Elko" here"

(*WARNING* violence and mature thematic elements)

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