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"Prison Fae" Audiobook

Prison Fae is the first book in the Supernatural Penitentiary trilogy by Drake Mason and Marisa Mills. The audiobook, narrated by Annalee Scott, is now available on amazon and audible!

Synopsis: All college student Noelle Fidelis wants is a chance to be normal. To blend in at a party, without the crippling social anxieties that come from a history of abuse and insecurity. Instead, a chance encounter with a dark-alley creep turns into a terrifying prison sentence after she's abducted by a royal fae and condemned to fight against other supernatural inmates in a battle for survival. Her only allies are a chained psycho with a southern drawl and a fairy knight who wants nothing to do with her.

Against all odds, she escapes prison with the aide of a mysterious librarian - but freedom is short-lived when her ruthless abductor hunts her down and demands a sacrifice she's unwilling to bear. In the end, Noelle faces her worst fears in a violent confrontation that unravels her sense of self, becoming the very thing she's sworn to destroy.

Prison Fae is book one in a thrilling supernatural new-adult coming-of-age adventure, based on fairy folklore and filled with violent carnage, poignant characters, and royal intrigue. For fans of Sarah J. Mass, Holly Black, and Julie Kagawa who enjoy dark fantasy. This book is upper YA with a college-aged protagonist. It includes mild swearing and romantic elements, but no explicit content (slow-build, low-steam).


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