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"Humility Rises" is out on audible!

Book 9 in the Virtuous Sin series written by Angelica Kate and narrated by Annalee Scott is now out on audible!

Publisher's Summary:

Detective Arizona Tume has been bidding her time and waiting for just the right moment to make her move. Her cover is now blown, or so she believes after helping Alaric escape out of the task force. When some hard questions are brought to bear, she is on edge but still not fully cleared to leave the job she has been entrusted to for all these years. When Levi makes a move, she is not certain to believe her old partner, but the case she has been asked to advise on is too hot not to throw in with everyone trying to solve it. Too late, she realizes that she has more to learn from Atara than she ever thought, and sometimes humility will win over the proud. The line will be drawn in a moment of absolute clarity, and she will learn who truly has her back. Unfortunately, it may be too late for her as so many others have fallen, so shall she unless she does the unthinkable. With an impossible choice, there is only one right answer, no matter the cost.


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