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A Look Back at Annalee's Delusion Characters

Annalee has had the opportunity to play a number of fantastical characters in Delusion: His Crimson Queen and Delusion: the Blue Blade, both created by Jon Braver.

In 2016's production "Delusion: His Crimson Queen", a seductive and horrifying tale woven with deadly family secrets, Annalee portrayed two contrasting vampires. She portrayed Dahlia, the cunning and feisty vampire: loyal to no one but herself, willing to risk life for lust and passion, with a thirst for blood and danger. She also portrayed Selene: the mother of all vampires with a compassionate warm heart and fierce maternal instinct.

Dahlia, "Delusion: His Crimson Queen"

In 2018/2019's production "Delusion: The Blue Blade", Annalee again had the opportunity to play two characters. Both were members of the Safe Guard Society, an elite group of individuals tasked with protecting historical artifacts possessing unique and powerful energies. She played Josette, the nervous and fearful agent tasked with gathering new recruits and preparing them for their first time travel mission. She also played Eve, the smart and scrappy field agent gone rogue, fearless and determined to change history and live forever.

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