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Synopsis: Abducted by Fae. Forced to marry.I escaped fairy prison only to have my best friend snatched up by my brutal captors. Somehow I survived, with new allies, and new abilities. But the Fae won't let me go so easily.For my friends to be safe, I'm forced to marry into one of the royal Fae families; each with their own kind of magic, eccentricity, and violence. As I try to learn who to trust, I'm courted by noble princes and threatened by invisible enemies. But even the royals have their secrets, and they will kill to protect them. Can I make an alliance, before I become a target?

1hr 10mins

Synopsis: As they start to unravel the secrets of Nathaniel’s origins based on Ryder’s information, a new mystery south of the border ensues. Jax’s sister Justeen is on a mission to save other girls in a bad spot like she once was, but she might have bitten off more than she can chew with this latest rescue endeavor. When she stands between a baddie and millions of dollars, something is sure to give. Can the women outrun the publicity-hungry press clamoring for them to pull off a covert operation that has a lot of lives hanging in the balance? Or are their actions about to catch up with them in a showdown for the ages?

9hrs 55mins

Synopsis: Noelle Fidelis wants is a chance to be normal. After she's abducted by a royal Fae and condemned to fight against other supernatural inmates in a battle for survival. Her only allies are a chained psycho with a southern drawl and a fairy knight that wants nothing to do with her.Against all odds, she escapes prison with the aide of a mysterious librarian - but freedom is short-lived, when her ruthless abductor hunts her down and demands a sacrifice she's unwilling to bear. In the end, Noelle faces her worst fears in a violent confrontation that unravels her sense of self.

3hrs 3mins

Synopsis: If you want to know the secret to living a healthier, happier life in your 50s, then look no further. Did you know that Intermittent Fasting has been proven to promote weight loss, hormone balance, and lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels? Say goodbye to restrictions!

1hr 10mins

Synopsis: Atara is on a mission to rescue Ryder from Nathaniel’s clutches and is chasing leads like a crazy woman. Following a trail of breadcrumbs across multiple states, the group finally lands at the front door of a charity that takes in street kids but this sinister place is all smoke and mirrors. Can Atara and the team shut down this house of horrors, or will one ultimatum leave them with an impossible decision that will have dire consequences for all involved?

4hrs 14mins

Synopsis: Harry is an aloof trust-fund baby who is struggling to create a meaningful legacy. He enlists the help of his best friend, a successful environmental engineer (and their significant others), to help him restore a possibly lucrative property that he recently purchased. However, The group fails to heed the warnings from locals that the land is terrorized by a very menacing presence. When night falls, can they survive the onslaught of this fearsome whistling human predator who collects the bones of his victims?

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