"Temperance Rides" (Virtuous Sin Book 3)

Written by Angelica Kate

When an old friend asks for help trying to solve a serial killer case that has baffled the FBI for a while, the suspect they propose is the exact opposite of what the profile says they will be looking for. Ray, who normally doesn't have much to add, cracks this case wide open, of a man whose humility, the modest external situation will reveal him to be anything but when the women are done with him. Like Nathaniel, though, this slippery eel is killing a path to their front door, and he is pretty good at covering his tracks, but when one one knife toting baddie has your number - you aren't long for the freedom of the open road. In exchange for their help, a gift will be granted that might bring them a few steps closer to Nathaniel and putting him away for good.


"Kindness Kills" (Virtuous Sin Book 1)

Written by Angelica Kate

Virtuous Sin is the bar the four survivors started as an ode to the sins of the past by those who claimed to be virtuous. It is also the front by which other victims come seeking aid with crimes, the police are not able to intervene in or solve. Leah Resnik is one such person who visits the Virtuous Sin bar to relieve the tension from a campaign of terror someone is visiting upon her. She runs the nation's biggest chain of women’s shelters, and ranks amongst the wealthiest benefactors for other charities in the country. Unfortunately, bodies are dropping around her, crimes at her shelters rising, and it is becoming increasingly apparent that Leah is the target of a madman. The police have not been able to find a single clue from the crime scenes and nothing in Leah’s dossier to explain who would wish this upon her. When her toddler daughter gets caught in the crosshairs of a murder-for-hire plot, she will step outside of the law for the first time and seek the help of Atara and her “sisters” to stop the reign of terror. The skills they learned years ago will come in handy as they take the fight to the streets of this city and the cyber highway of the dark web to solve this twisted plot before Leah and her daughter become just another statistic. 


"Love And The Planet Of Two Suns"

Written by Hannah Parker

Alone and stranded in an unfamiliar world after a horrific crash decimates the S.S Universe, Sarai soon finds herself held captive of a strange alien race.With no way out and no means of communication with anyone on Earth, she’s in a fight for her life against an unsympathetic general and his underlings.As the aliens impatiently wait for her to meet their demands, she remains under the watchful eye of a handsome and kind alien guard, whom risks it all to offer her some tenderness.The more time they spend together with clandestine adventures and secret late-night conversations, the deeper their bond grows. Soon, they’re undeniably smitten and in grave danger if their budding relationship is exposed.Will their unlikely relationship lead to their collective demise or will it provide the cover Sarai needs to escape certain death?

Dating for Women audiobook

"Dating for Women"

Written by Joanna Wells

It’s time to get in charge of your dating life. You should know what you want, you should know how to assert yourself and how to make the most of the dating game.

Most women experience insecurities and these can have a profound impact on romantic encounters. The media, magazines, and even influencers work full-time to instill such insecurities and commercialize just about every aspect of a woman’s life.

This is one of the reasons why 82 percent of married women question the love of their partner! That’s a massive number showing an insecurity pandemic...a pandemic that needs to end right now.

Dating should be fun, thrilling, and joyous. You should be excited about the chance to meet someone new, instead of dreading all the ways you could screw things up.

How can you build that confidence to have a ton of fun on dates and be your unapologetic self?

The secret to successful dating will surprise you, because it’s that simple!

Positive Discipline for Kids Audiobook

"Positive Discipline for Kids"

Written by Joanna Wells

This book will teach you how to build a strong, trust-based bond with your child, and how to instill responsibility and accountability by using effective communication and teaching about the consequences of your child’s actions.This book will show you how to teach your child valuable life skills that will help them become strong, passionate, competent, and confident. In this book, you will learn how to instill discipline in ways that teach your child how to cope with sadness, unpleasantness, and limitations. That way, they won't cave in the face of challenges and failures in life. Instead, they will use their own strengths, learn from their mistakes, and show responsibility and accountability for better health, stronger and healthier relationships, and greater career success! This won't be yet another easy listen with superficial advice you won't be able to apply. This book is down-to-earth and based on parenting strategies that are proven to work.


"Miles from Manistique"

Written by Jen Haeger

Isolated, snowed in, no electricity, no cell phone reception; if it weren’t for the two beautiful women, Peter would be worried.College sophomore, Peter, thinks he has his life well in hand, until an accident lands him and his best friend, Jeremy, in a remote cabin in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The situation seems too good to be true when the occupants of the cabin turn out to be two beautiful cousins, Jill and Genevieve.But things aren't always as they seem, and Peter begins to suspect that the girls are hiding something. Secrets lie behind Genevieve's eyes, in her diary, and in a trunk in the attic.Peter wants to help if the women are in some kind of trouble. But he wonders just how far the girls are willing to go to keep their secrets.

"Envy Thrives" audiobook

"Envy Thrives" (Virtuous Sin Book 2)

Written by Angelica Kate

Emmalee Hemmings is a sweet newcomer to the fashion world that Noemi has taken under her wings. Unfortunately, her kind of beauty displaces others on the circuit, causing some major bullying. Somebody takes it a bit past trying to scare her away one night with deadly consequences. Now, Emmalee has become the Virtuous Sin team's next "pseudo" client, as they try to figure out who exactly wants the world's next supermodel dead before her star can fully rise. As the women continue to fight for the underdog, Nathaniel decides they must be reminded of his presence, the vilest of fashions. Will they be able to pull off another win for the good guys, or are they out of their league on this one?

The Second Shot (The Deveraux Legacy Book 1) Audiobook

"The Second Shot" (The Deveraux Legacy Book 1)

Written by Bethany Maines

The Deveraux family is wealthy, powerful, and in a lot of trouble. A drunken mistake in college cost US Marshal Maxwell Ames the love of Dominique Deveraux and six years later, he’s determined to fix the slip-up. But there’s just one tiny problem - someone wants the Deveraux family dead. Dominique Deveraux never expected Max to reappear in her life, let alone apologize, but as Dominique investigates the mysterious attacks on her wealthy family Max quickly becomes far more than her one time college classmate. Now, Max and Dominique must dodge mercenaries and bullets as they try to make sure that they’re the only ones who get a second shot.