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Microphone Sound Editing

Audiobook Production

From one book nerd to another your story is in great hands!


Growing up next to a library shaped my obsession with stories at an early age. As a child I spent hours exploring towering shelves looking for hidden adventures among the stacks of books. To this day I am rarely seen without a book in my hands. It's easy to say that reading goes beyond being a hobby for me and it's a dream come true to marry my love of literature with my skills as an actor to breathe life into each story I produce. 


With over ten years of experience working professionally as an Actor and a BA in Theater from Emerson College, I have a sharply tuned ear for characters, emotional beats, and the best style and tone to propel the plot through its unique arc. I have produced more than ten audiobooks through the audiobook creation exchange and earned a Maincrest Media award for the audiobook production of the romantic thriller "The Second Shot".


Through dynamic narration and nuanced editing I cover all aspects of production from a professional recording booth in my home including narration, proofreading, editing, and mastering.  All genres welcome! 

From one book nerd to another, I guarantee your story is in great hands!

Let's connect!

For more information about my rates and audiobook production, or if you'd like to chat about books shoot me an email or send me a message.

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